A Life's Story


A Life's Story

A Life’s Story is the acclaimed public podcast featuring the incredible stories of extraordinary seniors. The podcast series shines a light on the lives of very special octogenarian, nonagenarians and yes, centenarians who have done, or are still doing- extraordinary things. Each episode is a different intimate and unforgettable profile, concluding with the wisdom that can only come from those who have seen it all.


Richly produced and narrated by Veteran NYC radio host and master storyteller Leslie Gold “The Radiochick”, in partnership with Jam Street Media/Matty Staudt.


Available on Iheart, Spotify, Apple and where ever you get your podcasts.


 Robina Asti, 99

Robina Asti, born Robert Astey was a WW2 Veteran and pilot. Her transition to female in the mid 1970's cost her everything. She later married a man and at 94 years old fought the very government she fought for,  for the widow benefits she felt entitled to.


Millie Keller, 103

Millie Keller is a hardworking bookkeeper at the chic and successful Bridal Salon, Zola Keller. She also just turned 103 in March. Leslie interviews Millie at work and talks about how she stays sharp, productive and happy at 103


David Leddick, 91

David Leddick has been an officer in the US army, a dancer with the Metropolitan Opera in New York and creative director for Revlon for over 20 years. Authoring over 45 books in retirement,  David defies every convention about aging and lives a fun-filled and colorful life.


Ben Lesser, 92

For much of his life, Ben Lesser avoided talking about surviving the Holocaust, 4 Nazi death camps, death marches and death trains.

“I chose to live a normal life and kept quiet about it,” Lesser said. Now, he tells his harrowing, unforgettable story.


June Aochi,88

June Aochi  Berk, is a poised, well-spoken octogenarian woman with a serene sense of elegance. You would never guess her harrowing childhood in the United States during WW2.


Bernie Berns, 93

Under the command of his battling parents, Bernie Burns went directly from the crib, to the stage. Good thing he was multi-talented and hilarious.   Bernie's childhood was such, that he needed to be funny to survive. As an entertainer literally his entire life, he became the King of the Catskills, when the Catskills was IT.




Pendergraft, 86

Stricken with MS, as a single mother- her 6 children were taken and put in foster care when she deteriorated to the point she couldn't walk. Eleanor joined a gym and went 6x a week despite having to drag herself in there with 2 canes and leg braces. She  slowly improved, bit by bit over years, defying her doctor's predictions until Eleanor could RUN. She ran all the way to the National Senior Olympics and won a Silver medal.


The Lebows 99 and 97

Married over 80 years and still delighting in each other's company, the story of the Lebows underscore the kind of devotion it takes to weather any storm. Through many challenges the Lebows have maintained their unbreakable bond. Their current challenge may be their hardest yet.