Truly the gift of a lifetime

We capture your life story, or the life story of a beloved family member, in a powerfully written book or artfully produced audio documentary.  Whichever way you tell your tale, you will create a lasting treasure for you to share, cherish and pass on to your loved ones for generations.

Who are we?

Leslie Gold, an award-winning NYC broadcaster, Top 20 documentary podcaster, and expert storyteller, heads up the personal audio documentary projects.  Judy Katz is a book collaborator, ghostwriter, publisher and marketer. She heads up the bookwriting projects. Your life story is in safe and skilled hands with Leslie, Judy and their teams.

Your personal audio documentary

The backbone of every piece is you or your loved one telling their story in their own voice. Beyond that, each custom piece is carefully crafted to include:


Professional in-depth interview.

Professional editing.

Professional narration.

Scoring with music. 

Relevant historical sound when applicable.

Additional interviews with others who can add depth and context to the story.

When finished, these beautiful, meticulously-produced pieces of audio storytelling become priceless family heirlooms. Your recording is delivered to you in the highest quality, crystal-clear sound available today, and can be uploaded to the cloud for permanent security and easy sharing. We also have an audio/visual option.


Average time frame 5-6 weeks.

Cost $3500

Your book

        It all begins with your story and your intended purpose.

What are the life lessons you want to share in your book? What is the desired result? 

The process includes:


Initial consultation to discover your true story.

Taped interviews that produce your Table of Contents, and our roadmap together.

Ten+ taped interviews to fully capture your life story.

Publishing and PR options offered.


Our talent is ghostwriting in your voice. We ensure that your book fulfills all expectations, and reaches all your intended audiences.


Average time frame: 6-9 months.

Cost: $75,000 to $100,000.

Bookinis of 60 to 100  pages: $35,000.

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