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Get the full "A Life's Story" experience for your loved one. The Masterpiece takes the life story of a treasured individual in your life and presents it in a beautiful piece of audio storytelling that will become a cherished family heirloom. The Masterpiece chronicles the full life story of a parent or grandparent, as told in their own voice, and then applies the full 'A LIfe's Story' treatment - with musical scoring, professional narration, skillful editing, a cohesive story arc, historical sound and supplemental voices.

Perfect for:

Capturing a full life's journey

Elderly parents or grandparents

50th wedding anniversaries

Produced Intro and Outro

Up to 6 voices

Fully scored with multiple

music beds

Up to 120 min of recording

Edited to 35-45 min

finished length


Full in-depth interview by professional interviewer

Story 'arc' created

High fidelity microphones

Professional editing

Professional sequencing

Professional narration

Historical sound where appropriate

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