Truly, the gift of a lifetime. 

Your life story, made into a lasting family treasure. 

Rodeph Sholom is excited to announce an innovative partnership with A Life's Story.  A Life's Story records your life story or that of your parent or grandparent, and produces it into a beautiful audio documentary.


The backbone of every piece is you or your loved one telling their own story in their own voice. Beyond that, each custom piece includes:

Professional in-depth interview

Professional editing

Professional narration

Scoring with music  

Relevant historical sound when applicable

Additional interviews with others who can add depth and context to the story


When finished, these meticulously produced recordings are simply beautiful pieces of audio storytelling that become important family heirlooms.

For each of our members who opt to capture a loved one's life story, A Life's Story will make an appreciable donation to Rodeph Sholom. A double mitzvah!- your family gets a meaningful and lasting treasure, and you support the critical on-going functions of the synagogue.


The same team of professional broadcasters, producers, editors, storytellers, narrators and music directors who created the acclaimed and award winning "A Life's Story" series, create your audio documentary. This is a deeply experienced and dedicated team of expert audio storytellers.

The cost is $3500 paid in 2 installments. These are customized and labor intensive projects. They can be done for an individual or a couple. There is an audio/visual option too.

A Life's Story has arranged to have an actual human standing by to answer any questions you may have about the process. They will talk you through the process, send you samples to listen to, and talk about the person you had in mind for such a special gift. No pressure. Just call 332-900-7627 M-F between 10A and 1P Eastern. Or you can book a call with the button to the right, and they will call you at the appointed time.

Scroll on down the page for even more information. And don't be afraid to call with questions.

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A pleasant, no-pressure call explaining the options. You say when. 



To capture the nuance of your loved one's voice, we use high quality equipment and programs designed to capture pristine audio.


  It makes a huge difference and you will thank us for this later.


Our stable of professional talent and producers conduct lengthy and substantive interviews with featured individuals. For the longer pieces we do pre-interviews so we have the roadmap to elicit the best finished product possible.


Your audio documentary gets the same full production treatment as the celebrated public podcast, with professional narration, story arcs, music scoring, and historical sound.  Supplemental voices are added as specified by tier. 

FULL Production

Expert re-ordering and editing of all interviews are done to create the optimal story flow. Professional broadcasters write, record and insert narration.  Volume levels are balanced across all elements. You are presented with an heirloom quality,  polished piece of beautiful audio storytelling.



The deeply experienced and dedicated team that creates the celebrated "A Life's Story" podcast is the same team that creates  your audio documentary. Your project is conceptualized by pro storytellers and interviewers known for their national broadcast and podcast experience, and edited by top sound editors who are highly skilled, and recognized for their exceptional work.


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Matty Staudt
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Matty Staudt

Matty Staudt has been in broadcasting since he cracked a mic at the age of 16 in his hometown of Keyser, West Virginia. During his radio career, he has been an on-air host, morning show lead and Executive Producer at such legendary stations as WJFK in Washington DC, WNEW in New York City, Alice Radio (KLLC) and Live 105 (KITS) in San Francisco. In 2007, Matty entered the world of podcasting; becoming a pioneer at Stitcher as their first  Director of Content. In 2017, Matty joined iHeartRadio as the radio industry’s first Vice President of Podcast Programming. In this role,  he developed a podcast strategy for the company’s radio talent and helped create over 300 podcasts, driving millions of downloads a month. Matty is President of Jam Street Media, the distribution and marketing team behind "A Life's Story."

Leslie Gold
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Leslie Gold

Creator of "A Life's Story", Leslie Gold oversees all creative output of every public and personal podcasts to make each one a storytelling masterpiece.  Leslie Gold "The Radiochick" built a top rated show in New York City, the nation's #1 market with 1 million daily listeners. She subsequently expanded her reach nationally and broadcasted to an even larger audience via satellite and syndicated stations in 150 markets. Naturally curious and empathetic,  Leslie is a master storyteller who has moved her listeners to both laughter and tears.  Also a veteran interviewer, she has interviewed presidents, politicians, newsmakers, business leaders and celebrities. Leslie is a multiple industry award winner.

Matty Staudt
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Casey Franco

Casey Franco is our audio editor and has been working in media for over a decade now. From formerly editing PSA’s for his high school while still a student to working as the Digital Video Manager for iHeartRadio San Francisco, he’s been crafting stories for a long time. He’s worked with companies like Cisco Systems, The California Beef Council, and The Federal Reserve of San Francisco doing exactly that. As a kid, he used to love sitting and listening to his grandparents tell their stories and that is a memory that has stuck with him. He’s excited to help you tell yours as well so "let’s get recording!”

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