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We think you did an incredible job putting this together... wow. Thank you for putting so much heart into it, you can feel it for sure! Everyone is very impressed and grateful to you for the great work. We are so thankful that you captured her story before she passed. It will be something we all cherish. 


Paige Hansen

You captured our Dad perfectly and somehow got him to tell you stories from his life that he never told us. How you got him to open up like that I'll never know. This is truly a treasure for our family. We are so glad we found your services.

Frank Pollato

Wow!!! Leslie !!! You are amazing. An Amazing historian and Amazing story teller. Coming from you and your heart, my story could not have been better told. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your editing and including my husband Marty, was so affirming. Thank you again, Leslie.  I am so indebted to you and your team. My deepest, grateful thanks!

June Berk

You framed our mother's story in such a way that made it so poignant and meaningful. We were blown away! My brother, my sister and I are so very happy to have had you capture her life story. We will be proud to share it with her grandkids and someday her great grandkids.

Emilio Faildes

Gorgeous. Priceless. So Meaningful. We are so lucky to have found your company.

Elaine Twersky

I cannot believe how dedicated you are to your craft. You and your team at the gold standard for audio services and customer service.

Charles Tesar

The process of creating my husband’s life story with Leslie was fascinating. The editing, narration, and added background music created, what is for me, the greatest forever gift. 


The ability of his children, grandchildren and  future generations, to listen to his life story, in his words, in his voice, is precious and priceless. 


Anyone considering doing this for someone they love…..don’t think twice.

Sherry Spergel

Having a Life's Story record and produce my husbands life story was the 2nd best decision I ever made. The first was marrying this wonderful man. Thank you for capturing his character and personality as well as his stories. I couldn't love it more.

Donna Lombardi

OMG! Fabulous!! Millie loved it. What a birthday present! She cried from joy and pride, and hugged us all. I could have never imagined what an impact this gift of the story of her life would have on her. Thank you!!

Zola Keller

It is simply wonderful. You are so good. The piece was put together flawlessly. My friend will be so proud.

Margaret Broyles

The piece was absolutely fantastic. So moving and so powerful. You are an amazing broadcaster and interviewer. My father enjoyed the experience and was honored by the result.

Gail Gerber

Leslie, our mom passed rather suddenly two weeks ago. I wanted to reach back to tell you we are so incredibly glad that we had you capture her story in March. We loved the finished piece when we got it, and mom loved it too. But now, it is a priceless treasure.

Rachel Lobell

My family listened to the recording of my story at our Father's Day gathering. It's been two weeks and they haven't stopped talking about it, and sharing it with cousins and friends. I was so proud and happy to be able to provide this wonderful recording presenting my life to them.

Richard Berman

Can I give you 10 stars? it was a 5 star experience from top to bottom. The finished piece on my mom was simply beautiful.

Caroline Frangioni

How A.J. got our father to open up like that we will never know. The final piece is such a rich and beautiful presentation of his life, we will treasure it forever. The process was enjoyable too. We really appreciated your team staying in touch every step of the way so we knew how the piece was progressing. It was exciting to be part of the process that way.

Alison Menden and Peter Shore

I had to circle back to write again. You recorded my mom, Edith Laskoff 8 months ago and produced a wonderful piece on her.  We loved it then, but now that she has passed, having this recording  where she blossoms back to life has been a treasure that I value more than words could adequately express.  As a ritual that I now hold sacred, our family listens to her story on every meaningful holiday family gathering. Tears, hugs, smiles and laughter-and then bits of our own storytelling always accompany.

Barbara Lang

Couple in Nature



A Life’s Story is available to hire to create a personal audio documentary to capture the lives of your loved ones, with the same rich production and attention to detail you hear in the public series.