We think you did an incredible job putting this together... wow. Thank you for putting so much heart into it, you can feel it for sure! Everyone is very impressed and grateful to you for the great work on putting this together.

We are so thankful that you captured her story before she passed. It will be something we all cherish. 


- Paige Hansen

Wow!!! Leslie !!! 


You are amazing. An Amazing historian and Amazing story teller. Coming from you and your heart, my story could not have been better told. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your editing and including my husband Marty, was so affirming.

Thank you again, Leslie.  I am so indebted to you for telling our story in a way that can be understood and listened to - by everyone, young or old.  My deepest, grateful thanks!



    -June Aochi Berk



               OMG. Fabulous. Millie loved it!!!!  What a birthday


   - Zola Keller

Thank you, Leslie!  You did a wonderful job! Listening to the piece made me thankful to all those who helped to bring me to the life I have now! 


- Eleanor Pendergraft

It is simply wonderful. You are so good! The piece was put together flawlessly! My friend will be so proud.  


- Margaret Broyles

Senior Couple Doing Yoga



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