A Life's Story

Capture the life story or love story of someone in your life

Our Podcast - features the incredible stories of extraordinary older folks

Whispering to Grandfather

We make outstanding audio stories for YOU

When you want to preserve the life story of a family member, or capture a love story, we will create a beautiful piece of audio storytelling that you will treasure for years to come.

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What We Do


We make outstanding audio stories for all

Season 1 of "A Life's Story" acclaimed podcast series  features the incredible stories of 13 extraordinary seniors, and gleans the uncommon wisdom that can only come from those who have seen it all.

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Why we are the BEST at what we do


To capture the nuance of your loved one's voice, we use high quality equipment and programs designed to capture pristine audio.


  It makes a huge difference and you will thank us for this later.


Our stable of professional talent and producers conduct lengthy and substantive interviews with featured individuals. For the longer pieces we do pre-interviews so we have the roadmap to elicit the best finished product possible.


Your audio documentary gets the same full production treatment as the celebrated public podcast, with professional narration, story arcs, music scoring, and historical sound.  Supplemental voices are added as specified by tier. 

FULL Production

Expert re-ordering and editing of all interviews are done to create the optimal story flow. Professional broadcasters write, record and insert narration.  Volume levels are balanced across all elements. You are presented with an heirloom quality,  polished piece of beautiful audio storytelling.



The deeply experienced and dedicated team that creates the celebrated "A Life's Story" podcast is the same team that creates  your audio documentary. Your project is conceptualized by pro storytellers and interviewers known for their national broadcast and podcast experience, and edited by top sound editors who are highly skilled, and recognized for their exceptional work.